Going the Extra Mile

Helen Huntley
Bridgetown, NS

The caring and compassionate staff at Mountain Lea Lodge go above and beyond to make long term care feel like home to all the residents they care for, including Helen Huntley’s late mother-in-law, who joined the family at Mountain Lea five years ago at the age of 91. Prior to her stay at Mountain Lea Lodge, Helen’s mother-in-law was being treated in hospital for several weeks while her family explored several other continuing care options.

Initially, her stay at Mountain Lea Lodge was intended to be temporary, but after only a few short months, she was overjoyed with the staff, the dining experience, recreation activities, and the overall environment that she knew she found her home – surrounded by wonderful people who were committed to providing her with the best possible quality of life.

“They go the extra mile” at Mountain Lea; their commitment to care gave her family reassurance and peace of mind that she was receiving exceptional care. Helen’s mother-in-law was particularly fond of the music and recreation activities that Mountain Lea offered but was often too shy to participate due to the level of assistance she required. Regardless of her hesitation, the staff would constantly encourage her and take the time needed to support her to ensure she could participate in every possible activity as they knew how much joy it brought to her life.

“She loved it when they took her to music, to entertainment, to recreation… they took her to every possible thing, even though she required extra support” – Helen Huntley, daughter-in-law

Shortly after Helen’s mother-in-law began receiving care at Mountain Lea Lodge, the staff and administration implemented a Family and Friends Council. “We went to the first meeting and we never stopped”, said Helen, as this was yet another way that the community at Mountain Lea went above and beyond to create a positive experience for the loved ones receiving care. The council consists of a small group of family and friends that meet to discuss any potential opportunities to support the residents, while also staying informed on any internal updates and changes. Helen and her family continue to attend meetings in memory of their late mother-in-law, in addition to serving on The Quality Committee of The Board to contribute to the high-quality care that Mountain Lea Lodge provides.

“They treated her like she was their mother… that’s the caring type of people they are.” – Helen Huntley, daughter-in-law

The staff have become an important part of their family, and continue to honour her memory through their ongoing dedication to delivering the highest quality care.

Please visit the following link to learn more about the wonderful staff and community at Mountain Lea Lodge: https://youtu.be/LT3GijPfHXA