True Doors Project

Jennifer Tucker
Northwood, Bedford, NS.

At Northwood Bedford Campus, staff have implemented an exciting new pilot project to make their residents feel more at home, and to create a greater feeling of privacy. They began by installing 12 True Doors as a pilot project, an innovative way to help promote way finding for those living with dementia by installing a unique front door for each resident.
“They are very lovely. As soon as you come up the hallway you notice them. Makes the rooms feel more like home. […] Thank you.”
– Grandchild of Resident

With a personalized front door, there is a greater chance of people knocking before entering and the doors potentially contribute to a less likelihood of people entering a room which is not theirs. Additionally, a unique front door creates pride for residents in their home, and stimulates conversation and social engagement related to each unique door.
“They are great, helps mom remember which room is hers, and she loves it. Mom loves the color.”
– Daughter of Resident

The project has been very well received by residents and their families, resulting in fund-raising to be able to provide a True Door for every resident at the Northwood Bedford Campus! True Doors have improved the sense of security for families knowing that their loved ones are well cared for and created a more welcoming environment for residents. This project represents one of the many ways that continuing care providers at Northwood go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality care to their clients.