The Best Place To Live, Work & Visit…….Today & Tomorrow

Susan Hayes, CEO
Windsor Elms Village

At Windsor Elms Village we innovate to achieve the most compassionate, dignified, resident-directed living experience for our Residents. It’s our Vision we aim to achieve every single day – The Best Place To Live, Work & Visit…….Today & Tomorrow. Seems like a tall order, and it is, but it’s what our care partners deserve and take great pride in. It’s what fills our hearts every day.

The past year has been one filled with change, challenge, opportunity and pride. Quite often these elements are interwoven and dependent upon each other for success. We make it our duty to reflect on these in our commitment to continuous quality improvement.

With an eye on learning and leadership, we set forth to create opportunities for both formal and informal leaders to develop and emerge. From 1:1 coaching for some, to the development of Neighbourhood Leadership Teams, enhancing leadership capacity has been evident and has strengthened Windsor Elms Village as a whole. Committed to continuous quality improvement, we seek to learn from our decisions and each other. It is those things, challenging or not, that prepare us for our future.

With the creation of our “People Ops” department, we have charted a course that will ensure our leaders have the human resource processes and policies in place to support their success. This will allow them the time they need to nurture relationships with their teams and put collaboration and accountability at the forefront of them. As a large organization with over 200 employees, having a dedicated Human Resource focus has become key. With focuses on recruitment and hiring, attendance and performance management, orientation and case management, we aim to engrain best practices into our day to day performance and management of our greatest resource, our people.

We are an Eden Alternative organization. So what does that mean? At its core, it means that we treat each other, residents, staff and our community, with respect and kindness. It means we always seek innovative approaches to challenges and opportunities. It means we challenge ourselves to build relationships that are resilient, flexible and responsive to what each other needs. It doesn’t mean we are perfect, but we will do our very best to use our skills, compassion and other resources to the best of our ability to meet, and honour, our Residents’ needs and wishes.

Working in long term care is a privilege. Supporting people to live their best life, as determined by them, requires passion and perseverance, especially as the realities of a shrinking work force and increased complexities in resident care, surface. We rely on our guiding principles and relationships more than ever.

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Sue Hayes, CEO Windsor Elms Village