Sunset Light up

Christmas Court Yard Light-up Makes the Holidays Extra Special for Residents

Julie Hoeg
Sunset Community

Sunset Community can always be counted on for decking the halls, living rooms, and dining areas for special occasions and holidays. This year, they have taken getting in the holiday spirit to a new level, with the new Christmas Light display in their courtyard.

“Our goal was to make our outside space festive and extra special for all. Since March, with the many imposed changes to regular life here at Sunset, our employees have been true rock stars and have really rallied around residents to create a positive environment and help them adjust to our “new normal.” Our Christmas Courtyard is another example of their efforts to ensure that not only health and safety is a priority, but also providing meaningful life experiences and the opportunity to have fun!” says Julie Hoeg, CEO.

The inaugural Christmas Courtyard light-up took place on December 9, with hot chocolate, Christmas music, and a dedication speech by Edith McKay. Edith, who has lived at Sunset for thirty-eight years, shared that “Sunset is her #1, very favorite family home,” and she is very happy to see the lights outside this year.

Sunset Community would like to extend our sincere thanks for the generous donations that made this project a reality. Donald Beaton and family donated $500 in Memory of John Beaton, their brother who lived at Sunset for many years. Additionally, the Sunset Community Ladies’ Auxiliary, our biggest supporter of special purchases that benefit all residents, contributed $500 towards the display.

“This year’s Light-up is dedicated in Memory of John Beaton, Ina McManaman, David Trenholm, and Brett Rhodes, those who have passed in 2020,” says Hoeg. “Given the excitement and appreciation in the air, plans are already underway to make this an annual event, which will be sure to be even bigger and better next year.”