Continuing Care Employees Go Above And Beyond
Because They Care

Nova Scotia’s continuing care providers are committed to providing the best possible care and support to the people they serve. As elsewhere in the health system, the continuing care sector faces challenges and providers are actively working to address these issues and promote positive change.

While it is important to address these challenges, so too is recognizing and celebrating the commitment, compassion and positive differences continuing care employees make in people’s lives.

Continuing care is a challenging and rewarding career. And for employees in this sector, constant dedication to delivering the highest standard of care results in tremendous personal satisfaction. Over time, Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs) and other members of the care team become like extended family members. They take time to learn about each individual’s unique qualities and needs and then apply this to provide the very best personalized care. Discover how rewarding a career in continuing care can be…

Through Share the Care, we will highlight the stories of those who go above and beyond to improve the health, independence and happiness of the people entrusted to their care.

Let’s share the care and recognize the many compassionate people who go above and beyond each and every day!

Why I Love Working in Continuing Care…

Shania Fougere, CCA – Home Care

Giving clients their independence, meeting the new elders in the community, and hearing the stories they love to tell.

Mary Ann Clyke, CCA – Home Care

Helping the seniors stay in their own home as long as possible, which makes them feel more comfortable that they are in their own environment.

Peggy Jack, CCA – Home Care

I enjoy going into a client’s home, and you can see them getting better and stronger so they can stay in their own home. Seeing a change in a client makes you feel better about yourself.

Heather Reay, CCA

I like working here because we’re a family, I love coming to work and it really doesn’t feel like work.

Ashley, CCA

I started working here as a teenager. Mountain Lea Lodge is like home to me.

Tanya, CCA – Home Care

The job was made for me! I love people and I love helping people.

What is Share the Care?

Through the collaborative efforts of Health Association Nova Scotia and its members, we have created a platform to share the many positive experiences of people benefiting from continuing care services and their families.