CCAatworkThe continuing care sector has become a specialty field of employment for those pursuing a challenging and rewarding career opportunity. Employees who provide continuing care experience tremendous personal satisfaction from their constant dedication to delivering the highest standard of care and establishing meaningful relationships with individuals who rely on these important services.

Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs) provide vital services to people who need support in their daily lives. As a CCA, clients depend on you to support care, safety, well-being, and enrich their quality of life by providing personal care and other activities to help them live well. You also help clients participate in meaningful activities, including social interactions and recreation.

The Health Care Human Resource Sector Council has some wonderful videos about working as a CCA in home care and long term care, be sure to visit their site here:

Becoming a Certified CCA

To become a Certified CCA, you will complete your education with a recognized CCA educator or the Recognizing Prior Learning Program. Once you graduate, you are required to pass the certification exam prior to receiving provincial certification from the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness (DHW). CCA Certification is the education requirement to work in DHW funded nursing homes and home support agencies and most hospital settings in the role of Care Team Assistant.

The CCA Program prepares you to deliver short or extended periods of assistance and support services to clients in various care settings. Your education includes both theory and practice delivered in a classroom setting, a laboratory setting, and through placements with real clients. Your placements may be with home support agencies who serve Department of Health and Wellness clients, nursing homes/homes for the aged, acute care facilities, and other approved care settings that employ CCAs. At the successful completion of your education, including placements, you are ready to write the CCA Certification Exam.

Education Admission Requirements

  • Have a grade 12 certificate, a GED equivalent to grade 12, or be a mature student:
  • Mature students must
  • Be at least 19 years of age
  • Have been out of school for at least one year


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