Working in home support is rewarding in many ways

Denise Halloran
Guysborough County Home Support Agency

It is very heartwarming to see a client beat the odds and be able to stay at home with their family.

A client of the Guysborough County Home Support Agency with a long-term medical diagnosis was living at home with their spouse and adult child, who has a permanent disability. Suddenly, it looked as though that was all going to change when the client had a fall at home, which resulted in hip surgery and three months of rehabilitation before they were ready for discharge from the hospital. The client’s medical team were leery to let the client return home and advised both the client & family that to stay at home the client would require lots of care. The client, however, was determined to go home for a trial basis rather than transition to long term care. So, they went home with a hospital bed, mechanical lift, powered wheelchair, nursing services and she began receiving home support services from Guysborough County Home Support Agency – and that was three years ago! Today the client receives nursing services, AM Care, HS Care, Light Housekeeping, and Home Support Exercise Program (HSEP) as well as Respite services so the spouse can do things like go to appointments or grocery shopping. During Respite visits, the client does the Lexicon puzzle, helps cut up veggies for meal prep or assists the Home Support Worker (CCA) with small chores that the client can do from their chair. The client, spouse and adult child are all very appreciative of the services being provided. Without the HSWs going to their home to provide these services this client would not be able to stay at home with their family.